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Paige Rutledge - Ain't That Bad (Official Music Video)

Paige Rutledge - Ain't That Bad (Official Music Video)

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Who is Paige Rutledge?

Vibrant, energetic and dynamic are all words that have been used to describe Paige Rutledge.


Paige was introduced to country music at a very young age. It was through the loss of her grandfather in 2007, that Paige realized music connects people after singing at the funeral.


Paige introduced herself to the Canadian country music scene with her debut single, “Take Me Back to Tiki”, in October 2020. “Take Me Back to Tiki” resonated with her listeners and led into her second release, “Broken Record” in May 2021, gaining success with CBC Country on Sirius XM. 


Paige’s release, “Drinking Alone” (August 2022), landed her the playlist cover for Breakthrough Country on Amazon Music and a spot on Spotify’s RADAR editorial playlist along with other editorial playlists on both Amazon Music and Spotify. Paige’s newest single, “Ain’t That Bad”, was released on Friday November 11th, 2022 and landed her a spot on Amazon Music’s Brand New Music playlist. The music video for “Ain’t That Bad” was released February 9th, 2023 and accumulated over 2K streams within the first few days of the release.


Paige values authenticity in country music and through her catchy lyrics and pop-country melodies, Paige has crafted a unique sound that will immediately have you singing along. With her captivating stage presence and over 200 live performances, Paige has curated a live show that has audiences engaged start to finish. 


Paige has been recognized as one of Ontario’s most exciting upcoming Canadian country artists. Paige was recognized in the number two spot of “21 Artists to Watch in 2022” by Sound Check Entertainment. Paige made her Nashville debut at “Layla’s Honky Tonk” in February 2022, as well as headlined the Sound Check Entertainment Summer Jam Festival in July 2022.  Paige also made her Western Canada debut in Calgary in September 2022 at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Nicole Rayy’s “All Women Music Showcase”.